swarovski is the luxury brand name for a wide range of precision-cut crystal
glass products produced by companies owned by swarovski of feldmeilen, near
zürich, switzerland.
over 125 years ago, in 1895, the swarovski company was founded when
daniel swarovski invented an automatic cutting machine and established
a crystal cutting factory in wattens, austria.
regarding the pearls -- unlike synthetic glass pearls, swarovski's crystal  pearls
have a leaded crystal core that makes them heavier. [swarovski crystal contains
approximately 32% lead to maximize refraction. most leaded crystal is 24%.]
swarovski's pearl coating is similar to a natural pearl lustre and is more
consistent in color. it is resistant to perspiration, perfumes, UV rays, scratches,
and washing. swarovski pearls warm to the skin like real pearls do.
in short, swarovski pearls may best be described as leaded crystal beads with a
pearlized finish.
what are swarovski pearls?
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can you identify the swarovski pearls in this necklace potpourri?