welcome to my jewelry web site. here you will find more information
than you probably want or need to know, but i thought i'd share it
with you nevertheless.

for many years my father collected gems and precious stones as a
hobby. toward the end of his life (which neither of us knew would
come so suddenly), he gave me a portion of his collection, but i did
little more than look at it now and again with detached, confused,
and uninformed interest.

when my father died unexpectedly, my mother gave me his entire
collection and said that he had wanted me to have it. soon
thereafter i went to my first gem show -- just to see what it was all
about. the experience was overwhelming, an epiphany, an
enlightenment, and the collecting bug bit me as well.  eventually, not
satisfied with collecting alone and probably in an attempt to bring
order to the creative chaos in my mind, i started to dream gems and
stones in various combinations and colors. moving from dream to
reality, the artist in me began to assemble what i had acquired at the
gem and bead shows i visited and now regularly haunt. you can see a
few of the results on the attached pages.

while my father's collection is today safely stored in a bank vault, i
visit it for inspiration every so often and am grateful to him for his
belated gift. i continue to dream combinations of stones, metals, and
colors and often wake up in the middle of the night to sketch and to
make notes. the designs i produce are presented on these pages.
some of the pieces on this web site have been spoken for and are no
longer available, but newer work will occasionally be shown and will
be sold to anyone who expresses interest in it. i hope you enjoy
these pages and the jewelry they present.

thank you for your interest in my work. please stay tuned, and check
back regularly to see more.....

                                                                                christian gollub
christian gollub
about this jewelry