designed and created by christian gollub,
this necklace features apatite rough,
salmon coral beads, & a sterling silver toggle clasp
20 inches total length
the name apatite comes from
the greek word “apate,” meaning
“to deceive,” because it can be easily
confused with a variety of other
stones such as tourmaline, peridot,
and beryl.  apatite is a naturally
occurring beautiful gemstone. while it
is known primarily for its green hues,
it actually can be found in a wide
variety of colors ranging from
colorless to pink, yellow, blue, and
violet. it has a vitreous luster, and
primary sources include burma, brazil,
india, kenya, madagascar, mexico,
norway, sri lanka, south africa, and
the united states.
not well known by the general public,
apatite is a frequently sought after
choice for collectors. some believe
that apatite fosters communication,
concentration, clarity of thought,
and intellect.
the penny and the quarter
are shown to indicate the size
of the individual elements
in this necklace.
one more look