two works by christian gollub on view
in the roy bigler memorial exhibit
gallery east, highland heights, ohio
december 8, 2015 through january 28, 2016
christian gollub, greetings
mixed media encaustic 3d collage / 2015
12.5" x 38"
a mixed media/collage/assemblage/jewelry artist, i knew roy bigler
during my time in cleveland, ohio, and identify with
and greatly admire his work.
he and i use(d) many of the same materials, he in a preciser, more orderly,
and beautiful manner than i ever did or could.
although roy and i speak a similar language
and even echo some of the same vocabulary,
roy's visual worlds are calm and thoughtful,
whereas mine are chaotic and raggedy.
i wish there were more people like roy in the world.
we are fortunate to have known him
and to continue to learn from his artistic legacy.
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christian gollub, carbon footprint
mixed media encaustic 3d collage / 2015
13" x 10.25"