designed and created by christian gollub,
this necklace features
9 chunks of citrine rough, faceted citrine rondelles,
garnet beads, & a sterling silver toggle clasp
22 inches total length
the quarter and the penny
are shown to indicate the size
of the various elements
that make up this necklace.
the heart shaped toggle clasp
adds a whimsical touch
to this necklace.
the birthstone for november,
citrine is named after the french
word for lemon (citron) and is
often incorrectly called
quartz topaz or citrine topaz.
most citrine comes
from south america.
in ancient times, citrine was
revered as a gift of the sun
and was believed
to be a powerful antidote
to a viper's venom.
the rough chunks of citrine provide a sharp contrast to the delicately faceted
citrine rondelles between the smooth, round garnet beads.
one last photo