designed and executed by christian gollub,
this necklaces features three large red coral rondelles,
red branch coral, tiny chinese red coral cubes,
sterling silver octahedrons,
& a sterling silver toggle clasp
22 inches total length
octahedron?  me neither!  who remembers what happened in
geometry all those many moons ago?!  here's a graphic image to
help us visualize the sterling silver shapes that separate
the tiny coral cubes. now that i "remember" what an
is, i think of it as two pyramids stuck base to base.
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the quarter and the penny -- at
left and below -- indicate the
relative size of the individual
elements that make up
this necklace.
one last look
close-ups show the sterling silver toggle clasp (above) and the combination of
coral shapes (below) that give this necklace its distinctive flavor.