designed and executed by christian-albrecht gollub,
this delicate necklace features czech art glass "ghosted" fish,
czech art glass blue beads, labradorite beads,
& a sterling silver toggle clasp
20 inch total length
the czech art glass fish are brown or
amber colored on one side and "ghosted"
(blue/yellow) on their reverse. you can
wear the necklace either as it falls, or you
can arrange the czech art glass to suit
your mood. more amber and brown tones?
more ghosting? the photos reveal the
various effects that can be achieved.
labradorite can produce
a colorful play of light
called labradorescence.
as the individual fish and beads
catch the light, their glow changes
with each movement.
labradorite is grayish blue in color
but displays bright flashes of
green, blue, and sometimes
yellow-gold colors when viewed
from different angles.
originally found in labrador, canada --
hence the name -- there are also
deposits in madagascar, mexico,
russia, and the united states.
the quarter and the
penny (at left and
below) are shown to
indicate the size of
the individual
elements that make
up this necklace.