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the  interviews
Over the years, as part of my research and writing,
I have conducted interviews with a number of individuals,
including actors, artists, authors, critics, educators, filmmakers, and philanthropists.
Among them are Ernst Augustin, James Baker, Amy Casey, Rita Ciresi,
Doris Dörrie, Geraldine Duclow, Werner Enke, George V. Higgins,
Michael Holihan, Anthony Ingrassia, Christopher Isherwood, Gilbert W. Kahn,
Eva Kwong, Volker Lenkeit, Peter Lilienthal, Arthur Miller, Wright Morris,
Gloria Plevin, Alain Robbe-Grillet, Marthe Robert, Herbert Rosendorfer,
Nathalie Sarraute, Volker Schlöndorff, Kim Schoel,
Claude Simon, May Spils, Friedrich St. Florian, Monika Treut, Robert van Ackeren,
Rosa von Praunheim, Laila Voss, Martin Walser, and Robert Penn Warren.

Some of these interviews have been published
in their entirety, others as excerpts, some not at all.
As this web site progresses, I will include more and more of the interviews
and hope that they will serve as resource material.  
Should you have any questions about the interviews or the interviewees,
please contact me at
The following interviews are now available on-line:
all interviews © christian-albrecht gollub
ornamental abstract tile, 6" x 6", made by the sächsische ofen- und schamottewarenfabrik, meissen, germany, ca. 1910
from the collection of christian-albrecht gollub