designed and created by christian-albrecht gollub,
this necklace features seven large lapis lazuli marbles,
six hand hammered thai silver cubes,
lapis lazuli beads, & a sterling silver toggle clasp
21.5 inches total length
available at $525.
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the close up shows
the character of the
lapis lazuli marbles
and the individually
hammered thai silver
a striking contrast!
the sterling silver toggle
clasp captures the contrast
between the lapis lazuli
marbles and the straight
lines of the thai silver cubes.
the penny and the dime indicate
the size of the individual
elements in this necklace.
one more look
the name lapis lazuli
comes from the latin word
"lapis" meaning stone
and "azul" meaning blue.
a royal blue opaque
semiprecious stone with white
veins or patches of calcite and
a few gold-looking metallic
flecks of pyrite, lapis has been
known since ancient times.
the romans believed it was
a powerful aphrodisiac, and in
the middle ages it was thought
to keep the limbs healthy and
to free the soul from fear.