designed and created by christian gollub,
this necklace features
27.8 carats of mexican fire opal,
two sizes of garnet beads, & a sterling silver toggle
17.5 inches total length
the all-knowing "they" say that
the garnet is a highly protective
stone that provides a barrier of
charged vibrations to repel
negative energies on contact.
it is also useful for enhancing
bodily strength and endurance
and for protection after dark.  
noah, it is said, used a garnet
lantern to help him steer his ark
through the dark night, and many
an early explorer and traveller
liked to carry a garnet, for it was
popular as a talisman and
protective stone. known for
thousands of years and found in
jewelry from early egyptian,
greek, and roman times, garnets
signify love, compassion, and
the name "garnet" comes
from the latin
(grain), possibly a
reference to the
punica granatum
("pomegranate"), a plant
with red seeds similar in
shape, size, and color to
some garnet crystals.
the lucky stone of those born
under the sign aries, the fire opal
is the national gemstone of
mexico. the mayas and aztecs
loved this stone and used it in
mosaics and for ritualistic
purposes. it supposedly helps to
make feelings flow and to resolve
blockages. connoisseurs say that
fire opals bestow courage,
stamina, will-power, and energy on
the wearer. thanks to their force,
they disperse long outdated ways
of thinking and make room for new
ones. the warm, fiery orange-red
has a positive effect on the
psyche and conveys a sensation
of warmth, peace, and harmony.