if you have jewelry you no longer wear, you might want
to consider repurposing or upcycling it,
as i have done with the pieces above.
a tired or dated piece of jewelry can be given a fresh personality
and a new look with the right design.
also, some people don't wear necklaces but have them,
so remember that a necklace can become bracelets and earrings.
or a bracelet can find new life as a necklace --
it all depends on what one adds to or how one changes it.
also, if you like only certain parts of a piece you own,
they can be worked into a new item of jewelry.
the possibilities are endless.
let me know if and how i can help.
designed and executed by christian gollub,
these necklaces are "re-do" projects using
clients' jewelry that
has been upcycled
and repurposed.
rare, vintage swarovski crystal
faceted ruby quartz
sterling silver spacers
& a sterling silver toggle clasp
20 inches total length

available at $ 108.
recently a client came to me
with a plain strand of pearls
that she had inherited
but "wouldn't wear like this."
she asked if i could jazz up the pearls so that
they would be both classic (i.e., a pearl necklace)
and untraditional.
this is the "untraditional classic" i designed
and made for her.
at 24" in length, the necklace has no clasp,
no top, no bottom,
can be worn any which way, and features
vintage and contemporary swarovski crystal
and a selection of sterling silver
spacers and beads.
scroll down, down, down
to see the matching earrings.
here's the "before" -- this faceted amethyst
and gold necklace was quite beautiful
but very short (barely 16") and rather staid.
the client didn't like the clasp
and wanted the entire necklace
to be given new life.
below is another example
of a necklace "re-do" i recently completed.
i added faceted amethyst rondelles,
crystal cubes, and a barrel clasp (client request).
i think this necklace has more personality and sparkle.
now at 24", it definitely has more breathing space,
and with the added elements (and length)
it doesn't look as heavy as the "before" necklace.
if you count the amethyst rounds,
you'll notice two are "missing" from the necklace.
that's because they became "cousin" earrings.
the "re-do" below had been a simple cinnabar necklace -- red, red, and more red.
i love cinnabar, but the necklace needed more punch and style
to bring it into the 21st century.
i added a variety of crystal and sterling.
again, with no top, no bottom, the necklace can be worn any which way.
more red?   more crystal?   just adjust!
this re-do was a challenging and enjoyable project, and
i thank my client  -- you know who you are! -- for the honor and the opportunity
to work with her late mother's cinnabar necklace.
the original cinnabar necklace was 30", a length the client considered ideal.
adding new elements to the necklace would obviously make it longer,
so i suggested making two necklaces out of the original,
all the while keeping each new necklace at 30".  the cinnabar was the inspiration
and starting point for both necklaces, but the results were quite different.
compare the second necklace (below) to the one above. in my humble opinion (!!!),
both are attractive and fun, but each has a strong and unique personality.
i named this necklace
east-west fusion.
this one i called
asian industrial.