christian-albrecht gollub

Associate Editor, Straight through the Heart: Doris Dörrie, German Filmmaker and Author (Lanham, Maryland:
Scarecrow Press, 2004).
The Old Stone Mill: A Finding Aid (Newport: Redwood Library, 1998).
Co-editor (with Linda Gordon),
Redwood Library and Athenæum: A Guide by Eileen Warburton (Newport: Redwood
Library, 1998), Redwood’s first-ever guide to the Library.
To Preserve Hidden Treasures: From the Scrapbooks of Charles Bird King (Newport: Redwood Library, 1997),
a catalog to accompany the exhibition of the same name; also layout and design of catalog.

Nüchterner Provokateur. Regensburg: Verlag Ulrich Martzinek, 1991. (Poetry)
Christmas Eve & Adam: A Postmodern Parable. Regensburg: Verlag Ulrich Martzinek, 1990. (Novella)
Jungle Noises. Regensburg: Verlag Ulrich Martzinek, 1989. (Collection of 11 short stories)

Editor of
&c., Redwood Library and Athenæum’s tri-quarterly newsletter (1995-98).
Guest editor,
litspeak: a magazine of fiction, poetry and the visual arts, special American poetry issue (1994).
Editor (book, theater, and art) for the city monthly
logo: Stadtmagazin Regensburg, 1989 - 1991.  (Numerous
reviews of recent literature, theater productions, and art exhibits.)
Editor of
litspeak: a magazine of fiction, poetry and the visual arts, 1988 - 1991.

"Volker Schlöndorff and Margarethe von Trotta: Transcending the Genres," in New German Filmmakers:
From Oberhausen Through the 1970s.
New York: Frederick Ungar, 1984. pp. 266-302, 422-23, 451-57.
"May Spils and Werner Enke: Beyond Pure Entertainment?" In
New German Filmmakers, pp. 303-19,423-24,457-58.
"Hark Bohm: Films Addressing Questions," in
New German Filmmakers, pp. 20-43, 410, 433-44. (Only this
chapter co-authored with D.C. Stern.)
"Deutschland verfilmt: Literatur und Leinwand 1880 - 1980," in
Film und Literatur: Literarische Texte und der
neue deutsche Film
, eds. Sigrid Bauschinger, Susan L. Cocalis, and Henry A. Lea. Bern and Munich: A. Francke
1984. pp.18-49.

"Reading Amy Casey," in amy casey: creeping through, catalog to accompany the exhibition of the same name
at Dead Horse Gallery (Lakewood, Ohio), 2004. n.p.
"Preliminary Inventories ... a sketchy afterword," in
Preliminary Inventories: process in practice, eds. Liz Maugans
and Bellamy Printz. Cleveland: Zygote Press, 2003. n.p.
Brief articles on Charles Bukowski, John Irving, Christopher Isherwood, and Margaret Mitchell, in
Harenbergs Lexikon
der Weltliteratur
. Dortmund: Harenberg Verlag, 1989.
"Das lyrische Werk von Charles Bukowski," in
Kindlers Neues Literaturlexikon, ed. Rudolf Radler. Munich: Kindler, 1989.
Vol.3, pp.337-38.
"When A Man Loves Two Women: Beyond the Eden of Doris Dörrie's Paradise,"
Schatzkammer der deutschen Sprache,
Dichtung und Geschichte
. Fall, 1988, pp.25-42.
"Oswald Wiener: Austria Go Home!"
semiotext(e): The German Issue, 1982, Vol. IV, No.2, pp. 222-24.
"Der Einzellne und die Gesellschaft: Anmerkungen zum Fall des schizophrenen Dichters Alexander,"
Sprache im technischen Zeitalter. Oct./Dec. 1978, No.68, pp.355-68.

"Amy Casey in Conversation with Christian-Albrecht Gollub," in amy casey: creeping through,
catalog to accompany the exhibition of the same name at Dead Horse Gallery (Lakewood, Ohio), 2004. n.p.
"Kim Schoel in Conversation with Christian-Albrecht Gollub," in
Kim Schoel: icons/recent work,
catalog to accompany the exhibition of the same name at the Treugarant AG (Hamburg, Germany), 2004. n.p.
"transgender express: crossing sex lines with Monika Treut,"
sway magazine, Spring, 1999, pp.13-14.
"Interview with James Baker," in catalog to accompany the exhibition
James Baker: A Retrospective,
Newport Art Museum, Newport, Rhode Island, January-April, 1999. n.p.
"Designing the World War II Memorial: From an Interview with Friedrich St. Florian,"
&c., Summer, 1998, Vol. 3, No. 3,
pp. 6-7.
"On Philanthropy: From an Interview with GIlbert S. Kahn,"
&c., Summer, 1998, Vol. 3, No. 3, p. 11.
"The Theatre Collection of the Free Library of Philadelphia: One of the City's Best-Kept Secrets?
"An Interview with Geraldine Duclow,"
PACSCLnews, March 1993, Vol.3, No.1, pp.10-15.
"Interview mit dem Regisseur Josef Köpplinger,"
logo, Oct.1991, No.10, pp.14-15.
"Interview mit Jörg Fallheier,"
logo, June 1991, No.6, p.4.
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Schatzkammer der deutschen Sprache, Dichtung und Geschichte. Fall, 1988, pp.43-69.
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Litfass: Berliner Zeitschrift für Literatur, Dec.1978, No. 12, pp.65-74.
"Interview with Arthur Miller,"
Michigan Quarterly Review, Spring, 1977, Vol. XVI, No.2, pp. 121-41.Rpt. in Conversations
with Arthur Miller
, ed. Matthew C. Roudané. Jackson and London: University Press of Mississippi, 1987, pp.273-90. (To
read the interview as it was originally published in the
Michigan Quarterly Review, please click on;rgn=full+text;view=image;xc=1)

Numerous books reviews of recent German literature for logo: Stadtmagazin Regensburg, 1989-1991.
Bliersbach, Gerhard.
So grün war die Heide: Der deutsche Nachkriegsfilm in neuer Sicht, in The Germanic Review,
Winter, 1988, Vol. LXIII, No.1, pp. 53-55.
Goldstone, Richard.
Thornton Wilder: An Intimate Portrait, in The American Book Collector, March/April 1976, Vol.26,
No.4, p.7.

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Reisebilder.) The German Mind of the 19th
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Contemporary Literature in Translation, 1975, No.25, p.44.
-- "Transfiguration de Paris."
Contemporary Literature In Translation, 1975, No.25, p.44. (In collaboration with
Jean-Luc Filoche.)
-- "Sans Famille."
The Spirit That Moves Us, Fall/Winter, 1977/78, Vol.3, No.1-2, pp. 58-59. (With Filoche.)

SHORT FICTION                                                                              
"Beuquaire," in
Böker, eds. E. Hallberg and J. A. Hibbard. Regensburg: Verlag Ulrich Martzinek, 2000.
pp. 62-67. (Published under the pseudonym A. Kormos)
litspeak, 1999, No. 15, pp. 6-9.
litspeak, 1992, No.8, p. 82.
"Der Ruf des Truters,”
Das Ostpreußenblatt, Oct. 21, 1989, p. 8.
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projeki-il: salzburger Literaturzeitschrift, 1980, No.22, pp. 39-43
"Über den Umgang mit Autoren,"
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orte: Schweizer Literaturzeitschrift, 1979, No.25,
pp. 8, 11-13.
"Weißt du warum, sie ist, wie sie ist,"
projekt-il, 1979, No.19, pp.22-24.
"Vorsicht: heiß,"
projekt-il, 1979, No.19, pp. 27-30, 33.

"Let The Waltz Time Magic Begin" and "Requiem," litspeak, 1991, No.7, pp.26, 90.
"Wheels of Fortune" and "Elvis,"
litspeak, 1990, No.5, pp.12 and 51.
Gypsy, 1990, No.12/13, p.41.
"So Come Succumb (Again),"
litspeak, 1989, No. 4, p.36.
"Amalgam" and "Kalifornien,"
Zeitschrift für Kulturaustausch, 1989, No.1, pp. 90-92.
"On the Sublime," "Creative Somnambulance," "AFN Phrase of the Day," "PH," "Frito Love," "Smiling Potato,"
"Pork Chow Mein," "Pizza Milano," and "Get Iceberg A Dress,"
litspeak, 1988, No.2, pp.97-107.
"Prozeß," "Ich," "Er," "Inszenierung," "Ära," "Nicht jeder Schuß ist tödlich," and "Bankier," Radio Bremen (Lyrik um zehn
vor 11), Feb.1986.
"In Praise of Vegetables" and "Laughter Two Too,"
The DeKaIb Literary Arts Journal, 1978, Vol. 11, No.3/4, p.35.
"Ode on an Asparagus Spear," "Rose Hips' Tea Time," and "Tale,"
The DeKalb Literary Arts Journal, 1977, Vol.10,
No. 2, p. 34.

"Family Plot -- A Monolog for Sarah Atkins," litspeak, 1990, No.6, pp. 61-63.

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ornamental abstract tile, 6" x 6", made by boizenburg, germany, ca. 1910
from the collection of christian-albrecht gollub
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