visually i am fascinated by the unexpected,
by extremes, by textures, both man- and
mother nature-made, and by the tension
between order and chaos.
 for this reason much of my work employs
rough and/or asymmetrical elements.
after all, life is rough, life is asymmetrical.
as unpredictable and rough as life is,
                              so too should art be.
                                      at least my art ...
christian gollub
        artist statement                                           
             a friend of mine once said, “symmetry is the sign of a weak mind.”
                                             whether this statement is accurate or not,
                      i attempt to explore the asymmetrical side of life in my work.
              if striking color combinations result, if beauty emerges, it's not my fault.
(please note: now and again i have been known to lapse into symmetry,
if for no other reason than to test the waters.)